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David Goldsmith Executive Director
One of the founders of the coaching profession, David worked closely with Thomas Leonard, served as the first president of Coach U and later went on to lead He trained the first Japanese coaches, wrote the Dear Coach column for the Sunday London Times and co-founded the Foundation of Coaching which later became the Institute of Coaching at Harvard.


David B. Peterson Chief Catalyst and Transformation Officer
Pioneer in the field of coaching, Director of Google’s Center of Expertise on Leadership Development, and author of best-selling books on coaching and development. Vikki Brock’s history of coaching names David as one of the primary influencers in the field, both for his early impact on the emergence of executive coaching and for continuing to shape the field as someone “on the cutting edge of the profession, doing and saying surprising and thought-provoking things.” 

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Molly Gordon Director of Continuing Evolution and Excellence
Molly Gordon is known to many of the founders of the profession as a "coach's coach." A visionary, she regards coaching as an emergent aspect of individual and collective evolution. A pragmatist, she is committed to grounding that vision in the cultivation of coaches who embody both artistry and technical skill for the sake of producing in their clients the insight and self-regulation they need to lead, adapt, and innovate.


Marcy Swenson Faculty
As an executive coach working with growth-stage CEOs and tech leaders, a startup founder with multiple exits, and a managing partner at a seed-stage investment fund, Marcy has deep knowledge of the entrepreneur’s journey from multiple perspectives. Following a successful career co-founding 3 tech companies (CPTH to IPO in 1999), Marcy became one of the first executive coaches working with startup founders.

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Dale Stephens Fellow
Dale comes to coaching with a background in education -- he founded and ran and wrote a book on self-directed learning, "Hacking Your Education." He joined 7Paths to support the team in 2019 and learn coaching skill to apply in his business ventures. During the day, Dale is a Partner in Bold Moves, a consultancy that help growing businesses accelerate revenue.

sarah nicotra

Sarah Nicotra Communications Coordinator
A former Hospice Chaplain turned coaching enthusiast, Sarah lends communications support to 7 Paths Forward. With a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Organization Management Sarah ensures online learning is human-centered and transformational in nature.