Coaching is at a crossroads. Demand for coaching is at an all time high—good news for us. But supply is growing even faster—an abundance of pretty-good coaches.
To thrive, you need to stand out. You need to be great, or disappear in the glut.

Join us for a workshop on Great Coaching – 

Advanced techniques and a new mindset for delivering faster, better results to meet the demands of the high-velocity world ahead. 

This two day inaugural event, 7 Paths to Great Coaching, is designed to jumpstart your journey to the next level of great coaching, equip you to add greater value to your clients, and enrich your own experience as a coach.

This program is for seasoned coaches who are:

  • Ready for the next challenge or want to transform their practice
  • Eager to help their clients get better results, faster and in more fulfilling ways
  • Passionate about their own growth and development and looking for a catalytic experience with the right learning community to upgrade their “personal operating system”

What we offer:

  • An experience that will stretch you to accelerate your growth
  • A path to become future-ready by preparing for disruption
  • Practical advice to help you stand out from the crowd
  • New ideas, methods, and techniques for high-impact coaching
  • Instill greater confidence and risk-taking
  • Access to experts in coaching, learning and leadership development
  • A community of great coaches to challenge and support you

Come prepared to coach and be coached.  We will break down and debrief the coaching process just like a championship team breaks down their game film, looking for every edge to get better.  You’ll leave with a buzzing brain and the confidence to truly orchestrate all your new tools.

Your program leaders

David B. Peterson – Pioneer in the field of coaching, Director of Google’s Center of Expertise on Leadership Development, and author of best-selling books on coaching and development. Vikki Brock’s history of coaching names David as one of the primary influencers in the field, both for his early impact on the emergence of executive coaching and for continuing to shape the field as someone “on the cutting edge of the profession, doing and saying surprising and thought-provoking things.”

David M. Goldsmith – One of the founders of the coaching profession, David worked closely with Thomas Leonard, served as the first president of Coach U and later went on to lead He trained the first Japanese coaches, wrote the Dear Coach column for the Sunday London Times and co-founded the Foundation of Coaching which later became the Institute of Coaching at Harvard.





Wednesday, Feb 21 6pm - Friday, Feb 23 2pm.



251 Post Street near Union Square, San Francisco



Nearest hotel is the Grand Hyatt, many others close by



$3495 includes two dinners and two lunches.


If you are a seasoned coach (have completed at least 75 engagements with organizational leaders) and would like to register or have questions about the program, please email David Goldsmith at
or call